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robert ortiz

Robert Ortiz is the drummer of rock band, Escape the Fate. He is also the only original member, as of 2013. Escape the Fate has been active since 2006, when they debuted their first album "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion", which features emo classics such as "Situations" and "Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche". Other popular songs from their later albums include "Something", "The Flood", and "Broken Heart".


Robert is also a Twitch streamer. I subscribed to his channel in November 2021, and ever since then we've become good friends. He has constantly advocated for me and my passion for art, giving me numerous shout-outs on his livestreams and being so encouraging. He has also asked me to help him with projects such as creating a plush design and art prints. I am very thankful for my friendship with Robert and his continuous support.

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