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Collab with derek dillon

Derek Dillon is the co-owner of popular horror clothing brand, Kleaver Klothing. He is also the frontman of the metal band, Dead Things. I became acquainted with Derek in early August after he saw my drawing of Spencer Charnas, frontman of Ice Nine Kills (and the other owner of Kleaver Klothing), on Instagram. He followed me on the app, and then a few weeks later, I drew a portrait of him that was referenced from Dead Things's music video for their song "Rose Gardens".  

A couple weeks after I drew him, I asked him if he'd be interested in collaborating with me in a print giveaway for our followers. I explained my plan of how we'd do it and he was super supportive of my ideas. I sent him 3 prints to sign, and we gave them to 3 lucky winners.

It was an absolute honor to work with Derek and I hope there are more opportunities to collab with him again in the future!

Follow Derek Dillon & Dead Things on Instagram!

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